Mt. Baker Highway

January 2004

This was probably one of my favorite day trips so far. I decided to go up to Mt. Baker to see what it was like in the winter. On the way, I had to stop in my tracks because I saw a bald eagle, the first one I had ever seen in the wild. The photo in this gallery is the first photo I took and I took it from my car window. It's not a good photo at all but I love it. I also had to pull over when I saw a man in the Skagit river fishing. Another time I stopped was to take a photo of the incredible moss covered trees.

The rest of the photos were taken from the Mt. Baker Ski area. The Mt. Shuksan photos were taken from the lower area parking lot.

bakerski doggies eagle_filtered fogfishing_filtered
igloo printablemoss recordsnowfall shuksancloseup