Snoqualmie Pass Area, Autumn Colors

For ten days, the forecast called for overcast skys, rain, and wind. I hadn't planned an outing because of it. But, at 8:00 a.m., I saw a bit of sun coming through my window, looked out and saw blue sky. I immediately got dressed, grabbed my camera and flew out the door.

I let my instinct drive me in the direction to go and headed up to one of my favorite areas, Snoqualmie Pass. On the drive up, I noticed that the colors on the trees were very dull and a lot of the leaves had already fallen from their branches. We had such a dry summer, the trees didn't have a chance to give out the beautiful colors we are so used to up here. Arriving at the pass, I realized that there wouldn't be much color to see because -- evergreens don't change colors. The color that I did find was vibrant. The colors were on what might be called shrubs. The first photo in this gallery was a real treat, a full-size tree in bright yellow standing out in a forest of green.

Aside from the fact that my cell phone was swept away in the current of Denny Creek and I slipped and fell twice, I had a wonderful day.

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